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Randstad RiseSmart is the Belgian market leader in outplacement. We develop programmes with 360° guidance and support. We help people overcome their dismissal and open the path towards a new tailor-made job in which they can use and develop their talent fully.

full of energy towards the future.

We work according to the needs of each organisation and participant. The thread running through all our programmes is 360° guidance and support. We do this through a unique mix of: 

  • Individual sessions with a career coach - face2face and virtual.
  • A wide and diverse range of workshops (up to 50 hours).
  • Unlimited access to a digital career platform with webinars, online learning modules, tip sheets, network support, a module to follow up on applications, a personal job hunter, access to a copywriter for the CV and cover letter... .
  • Access to specialised tools and labour market specialists in well-being, contract negotiation, interview and assessment skills, becoming self-employed, online branding... .
  • Unlimited access to fully equipped work spaces in all our locations with a laptop, phone, printer, scanner and other administrative support available.

an outplacement programme:


Randstad RiseSmart contacts the employee who has been laid off and looks at his expectations and where he wants the coaching to take place. A career coach will be assigned and a first appointment made. 

The employee will sign up for the first workshop ‘Welcome’ and build a profile on our career platform Spotlight.

start of the personal programme

Together with the career coach, the participant maps out his personal bespoke programme and decides when and where he wants to do the workshops. Most participants go through the three steps of our methodology: discover yourself, plan your approach, execute your plan. 

On Spotlight, the participant can consult webinars, tools and tip sheets and follow e-learnings. He can also use specialised services such as a personal job hunter, a specialist in personal branding and more.

The one-day workshops are active workshops in which to practice skills such as defining a job target or preparing a plan for a job search campaign.

looking for a new job

When the participant is ready to find a new job, he's not on his own. The coach encourages him to attend the weekly coaching sessions. During these sessions, a coach works with a small group of participants in this crucial phase to find a new job. 


Depending on the programme and in consultation with his career coach, the participant can use additional services, such as individual sessions with dointakemain experts, self-analysis tools, interview simulations, brainstorming sessions... 

All participants can come and work at our office (without prior booking) for the entire duration of their programme. We have fully equipped work spaces (pc, phone, printer and scanner), newspapers and magazines, coffee, water and soft drinks, a physical expert library... and network events. 

when should you offer outplacement?

You are required by law to offer outplacement to redundant workers with a minimum notice of 30 weeks or a minimum notice covering at least this period, and to workers who have a minimum of one year's seniority and are over 45 years of age. 

In addition, you can also voluntarily offer outplacement to an employee who has been made redundant. 

You need to make an outplacement offer within 15 days of the dismissal. 

how long does the coaching take and who pays? 

  • In the event of individual dismissal, you can offer an individual or group outplacement. This includes a programme of 60 hours over a maximum of 12 months. In some cases, you may choose to offer more hours over a longer period. 
  • In the event of collective redundancies and the creation of an employment unit, different rules apply: 
    - exiting employees under the age of 45 are entitled to 30 hours of support for 3 months.
    - exiting employees over the age of 45 are entitled to 60 hours of support for 6 months. 

Since 2019, outplacement is also provided in case of medical force majeure (Jobsdeal law).

The cost of outplacement is always paid by the employer. Depending on the number of weeks' notice and the decision whether or not the employee should work during his notice, the employer can deduct 4 weeks' pay from the notice allowance to pay the outplacement. 

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what if my employee isn't interested? 

You still need to offer outplacement. The employee then has one month to accept the offer in writing or not. If he refuses, he may lose his unemployment benefit in certain cases. 

TIP: encourage the dismissed employee to take his time to decide if he wants to take up the offer. He can always come to Randstad RiseSmart to get to know us.

why choose Randstad RiseSmart?

  • top talent: access to the best career coaches and project managers.
  • proven results: in 2018 Randstad RiseSmart supported almost 2,300 people on an individual basis. Of these, 92% found a new job after 6 months of coaching or more. 
  • targeted: 23% of the people who follow an outplacement programme with us are over 55 years of age. Of these, 38% find a new job within 6 months.
  • up-to-date: we work with state-of-the-art methodologies and innovative tools, know the latest legislation and follow the labour market closely.
  • national coverage: national coverage with 12 Randstad RiseSmart offices and more than 150 other locations of the Randstad Group that Randstad RiseSmart can use.

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