a shared responsibility.

The organisation of the 21st century is one of continuous change. Our vision of a successful career strategy, tailored to your organisation and employees, is one of shared responsibility. 

  • The employer must know what talents it has and draw up a strategy to maximise the unused potential.
  • The employee must take ownership of his career, his competences and his potential. 

The employer needs to create an environment in which employees can grow. The employee needs to be his best self. Randstad RiseSmart supports both parties to create a sustainable win-win. 

a tailor-made programme, from strategy to implementation.

Internal mobility is a story of positive change. This requires a strategic approach and tailor-made guidance. What does a mobility programme with Randstad RiseSmart look like?


We discuss the strategic objectives of the organisation and map its impact on the employees and teams: management committee, managers, HR, employees, workers, temporary workers…

action plan

Our consultants draw up an action plan based on the strategy to manage internal mobility successfully. 

the right framework

In order to manage the transition successfully, we put in place a mix of tools and methodologies that take into account the employees: development centres, interactive workshops to train the necessary skills, individual coaching of the employees… 

towards a new job

We train employees for their new function or role, so they are fully prepared: communication, finding and maintaining work balance, open feedback culture... People who didn't find a new position, can rely on our outplacement services.

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why choose Randstad RiseSmart?

  • tailor-made approach: the entire programme is tailored to the strategic objectives of your organisation.
  • informed decisions: based on extensive analyses and using innovative tools, we identify internal talent. 
  • personal support: we guide staff to an internal vacancy or a different role and see if job crafting is a solution.
  • experienced coaches: our experienced career coaches guide the employees in every step of the process. 
  • national coverage: national coverage with 12 Randstad RiseSmart offices and more than 150 other locations of the Randstad Group that Randstad RiseSmart can use.

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