high-level sparring partners.

Our executive coaches act as a critical mirror and become a trusted sounding board for the coachee. Together with the coach, they define strategies or adjust them. They combine extensive business experience with excellent coaching skills. They help in the areas of transition, integration, team management, internal mergers, personal development, business transformation... The relationship is confidential and open: our coaches inspire, ask crucial questions, make connections... 

team of experienced coaches

Our coaches used to work in senior management and combine this experience with advanced coaching skills. They are familiar with the challenges of a C-level and are empathetic. In addition, they are available when needed, in a safe and exclusive environment.

tailor-made approach

We match the right coach and adapt our approach according to the needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We use the right tools and proven methodologies: Insights, 360°, MBTI, Career Fitness Profile… 

extensive network

We open our national and international network and introduce you to the right people. Thanks to our 12 Randstad RiseSmart offices and more than 150 other locations of the Randstad Group, we can coach customers throughout the country. 

coaching tailored to business needs.

We coach executives and executive teams tailored to their needs:

  • career development and transition: we help you make career decisions. This goes from setting objectives to identifying options and successfully switching to a new function.
  • personal development: we challenge you and support you. You will be more aware of who you are and what you want, discover your goals, values and competences and develop new skills.
  • team development: your coach helps the team transform diversity into constructive cooperation, increase confidence, commitment and ownership and improve team results. 
  • sounding board: our coaches help formulate ideas and strategies, develop scenarios together with you for making the right decisions.

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