together towards a new job.

Regardless of whether you are young or experienced, low- or highly educated, recently looking for a new job or for a long time, finding a new job that suits you is not always easy. That's where the Randstad RiseSmart coaches step in: they help job seekers understand themselves, draw up a tailormade roadmap and assist them with advice and practical support. In addition, they help companies to develop a diverse and inclusive human resources policy.

what does an employability programme look like?

  1. intake: The coach will discuss what the job seeker wants, can do and expects. Together they look for the candidate's strengths and energy boosters. Then they'll see where these talents can best be deployed.
  2. learning to apply: The coach draws up a tailor-made plan for finding a job. During several workshops, the candidate learns to apply (better). 
  3. finding work: The coach and candidate explore the best channels to find a new job. They select vacancies, start to network and contact target companies. Together they create a strong CV and prepare job reviews. 
  4. start working: The coach prepares the candidate for the new position and supports the new employee during the first weeks on the job. Language coaching in the workplace can also be an added value.

why choose Randstad RiseSmart?

  • permanent coach: the job seeker will be assigned a permanent coach to support him throughout the programme.
  • self-analysis: the job seeker gets an insight into who he is, what he can do and what he wants.
  • application support: the coach learns the job seeker how to apply for jobs and how the labour market works. It makes him more resilient and agile. 
  • labour market analysis: we have extensive knowledge of the labour market and know how active job searching works. 
  • bridge-builders: coaches build bridges between job seekers and employers, opening up new opportunities.
  • proven results: 75% of job seekers that took a Randstad RiseSmart programme found work. 
  • suitable candidates: we assist companies in a recruitment policy aimed at diversity. The candidates can be deployed quickly, thanks to the support of the employee and employer. 
  • national coverage: national coverage with 12 Randstad RiseSmart offices and more than 150 other locations of the Randstad Group that Randstad RiseSmart can use.

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