recruiting or promoting talent.

In our assessment & development centres we help companies make informed choices when recruiting or promoting talent. Employees get an insight into their strengths and areas for improvement and can work towards their development.

partner in competence management.

The consultants of Randstad RiseSmart help organisations to develop structured and substantiated competence management. We always take into account the employer branding. Our services consist of:


Advice and development of talent management policy: we identify competences, roles and responsibilities.


In our assessment centres we start with a comprehensive intake. This is the basis of a tailor-made programme. Then we plan the assessment quickly and efficiently. We also make a difference by communicating transparently with all parties involved. 


After an extensive intake, we develop a tailor-made programme with exercises, tests... The report contains an extensive description of the competences and potential. We give feedback to the candidate and organisation in an open and coaching way.

long term.

Randstad RiseSmart makes the difference by working in the long term. The valuable use of assessment and development services presupposes that the service provider knows and fully understands the company, its culture and objectives. 

  • a tailor-made approach: our consultants know your objectives and your culture. 
  • a positive approach: we approach participants as people, in a positive and constructive way, with attention to employer branding.
  • speed: in a tight labour market, speed is important. We respond quickly and plan the assessments asap.
  • experienced assessors: our staff has extensive experience and often a degree in psychology. As an organisation, we have 20 years of experience in assessment & development.
  • proven tools: we use a scientifically based methodology with high predictive value and clear and nuanced reporting.
  • personal feedback: we give the client and participant clear and personal feedback. 
  • national coverage: the work is done at the customer's or in one of our offices.

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