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Your company is changing, and that also has an impact on your employees. We match the right talent with the right job. The result? Faster growth, higher productivity and more turnover.

Digitisation, globalisation, innovation... the employment market is changing rapidly. At the same time, people are and remain the core asset of every company. Randstad RiseSmart puts people centre-stage: we guide and develop people in every step of their career. We do so using quality career coaching, innovative methodologies and the best and most

why choose Randstad RiseSmart?

qualitative career coaching

We work with the best coaches, consultants and project managers. They combine the most comprehensive and up-to-date labour market knowledge with excellent skills.

proven innovative methodology

We work with strong concepts. Our innovative methodology and tools prove their added value. We choose the right approach according to your specific needs.

the most comprehensive knowledge of the labour market

Thanks to our connection to Randstad, the No.1 HR provider in Belgium and in the world, we have the most complete and up-to-date knowledge of the labour market and a wide labour market network. Our solid processes are the foundation to exceed the expectations of our customers and participants.  

full national coverage

Thanks to our 12 Randstad RiseSmart offices and more than 150 other locations of the Randstad Group, we can serve customers all over Belgium, wherever they are.

20 years of experience

We have 20 years of experience in talent mobility and career development. It enables us to make large and small organisations stronger and more resilient.

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