At Randstad RiseSmart we attach great importance to protecting the personal privacy of all people whose data we compile. We treat and protect this data with the utmost care, in accordance with the applicable laws in Belgium. 
We do everything to protect the data supplied to us against loss, destruction, publication, unauthorised access or improper use. 
In this privacy statement we explain who we are and why we require your personal data, which data we compile, how and for how long we process it, who we can pass it on to, what your rights are and how you can exert them.

This privacy statement is intended for you if:

  • you are following an outplacement programme at randstad risesmart (outplacement), after you have accepted an outplacement offer at (the employment unit of) your previous employer or after you have requested outplacement with an outplacement voucher of the National Employment Office; 
  • you are following coaching training at randstad risesmart (career services) at your own initiative or in consultation with your employer;
  • you are taking career guidance at randstad risesmart (career focus) at your own initiative, at your own expense or subsidised via career vouchers of the VDAB; 
  • you are taking process guidance at randstad risesmart (employability) via the VDAB, Actiris or Forem; 
  • you are taking part in an assessment or development centre, testing and potential assessment (competence and assessment services) at randstad risesmart, in consultation with your current or potential employer. 

Who we are?

randstad risesmart, a division of Randstad Professionals nv, situated in Access Building, Keizer Karellaan, 586 bus 8, 1082 Brussels, is responsible for the processing of your personal details (Controller in the sense of the GDPR).

When you take process guidance (employability) or career guidance (career focus) at randstad risesmart, randstad risesmart does this for the VDAB, Actiris or Forem. In this case, these regional employment-finding services are responsible for processing and randstad risesmart is the processor of your personal details in the sense of the GDPR. 

When do we compile your personal details?

We compile your details as soon as you fill these in yourself or leave them on our website or on one of our IT applications/tools we make available to you (outplacement/career services: Hubble, Spotlight), if you register at one of our randstad risesmart offices or if you register in a different way (e.g. information session in case of collective dismissal, etc.) to make use of one of our services.

We also compile your data as soon as your previous, current or potential employer registers you with us in execution of a randstad risesmart service offered to and accepted by you (outplacement, career services and competence & assessment services).

Finally, we also compile your data if you have given the VDAB permission as a job seeker to send us your data as part of the realisation of process guidance (employability) or subsidised career guidance (career focus) by randstad risesmart. The same happens when entering into a process guidance agreement between you, Actiris or Forem and randstad risesmart.

To summarise, we compile your data in the run-up to and the preparation of the execution of one of the services of randstad risesmart you have committed to directly or indirectly.

Why do we need your personal details?

We compile your personal details for the objectives mentioned below and will not use this data for other purposes without informing you in advance and, if necessary, asking your permission.
We use your personal details for concluding and realising the service agreement in question which we entered into with you, with your previous, current or potential employer and/or with a regional employment service (VDAB, Actiris or Forem). This comprises the following services: outplacement, career services, career focus, employability or competence & assessment services.
More specifically, we use your personal details to, depending on the agreed service and, when applicable,

  1. enter into a service agreement with you and/or with your previous, current or potential employer or regional employment service, carry this out professionally and do the relevant administration;
  2. provide the service agreed with you and/or with your previous, current or potential employer or regional employment service, including, but not limited to, determining the exact content and scope of the service;
  3. be able to make you offers and/or provide information about the agreed service and other activities and be able to align them better to your wishes and competencies. This is done by our consultants and can be partly automated. This can include services such as psychological guidance, application training, job leads, training courses or workshops, help with writing your CV and/or other agreed forms of support;
  4. evaluate and/or strengthen your competencies and improve them in the long term, discover your development potential and guide you, determine your profile and assess your suitability and availability as part of job placement towards getting temporary or permanent work, or to finding any other type of work. Here we can make use of, among others, results of tests we let you take (personality tests, language tests, assessments, etc.) and of (online) reference checks we only carry out with your explicit consent at the people and/or companies you listed. We may also ask you to provide more information about yourself on a voluntary basis to be able to get the maximum result from our services;
  5. promote your personal development and usability by offering, among others, (short) courses, guidance, workshops, etc., at randstad risesmart or one of the companies of Randstad or a third party (e.g. Cevora);
  6. in execution of the service, provide the statutory or agreed reports, results and information to you, your previous, current or potential employer or employment unit, regional job placement services or sector funds;
  7. invoice the randstad risesmart service, draw up subsidy files and request subsidies (e.g. European Social Fund, Social Intervention Fund, etc.);
  8. Meet certain quality objectives, such as obtaining and keeping certain certificates or quality labels.
  9. Monitor and measure the quality of our services. To this end we ourselves, or a third party we have commissioned to do so, may ask you to take part in surveys and use the obtained information and process  it to improve the quality of our services.
  10. Meet management objectives, including providing management information, carrying out internal checks to prevent fraud and to carry out (internal/external) audits and accounting audits.
  11. Be able to provide statistical information for studies of interest to randstad risesmart or our sector federation Federgon (professional organisations of HR service providers). In this case, we use aggregated personal data, whereby you are not individually identifiable in the results that are made public by randstad risesmart or shared with third parties.
  12. Guarantee company safety. To this end we may, for instance, check your identity when accessing one of our offices. We can also check the activities in our systems to prevent misuse of the information of our databases and to protect our interests and those of all people included in our databases.
  13. Comply with legal obligations and to be able to demonstrate them;
  14. Allow you to exert your rights (also see point H) and to indicate later on why we acted upon these rights.
  15. enable you to use randstad risesmart Technology (Spotlight and all related software) if wanted

We use and process your personal details, depending on the type of processing, on the basis of:

  1. our (pre)contractual relation with you and/or with your (previous) employer or regional employment service: 
    if we conclude a service agreement directly with you (e.g. career focus), we require several details to be able to prepare, draw up and then properly carry out this agreement.  
    This is also the case if you aren’t a direct party in a service agreement of randstad risesmart, but you are the “third-party beneficiary” of this service, and you agreed with the service offered at your previous, current or potential employer (e.g. outplacement, career services, competence & assessment services).

    If you don’t want your personal details to be processed in this framework, we cannot enter into service with you or implement it (further). 
  2. the task being assigned to randstad risesmart by VDAB, Forem and Actiris (employability and career focus): 

    if you give permission to VDAB, Actiris or Forem to give randstad risesmart access to your personal details, we will compile this data and use it for VDAB, Actiris or Forem. The result is that randstad risesmart doesn’t act as the company responsible for processing your personal details (Controller) and that you will have to initially address VDAB, Actiris or Forem with any questions you have regarding your personal details.
  3. the statutory obligations related to the execution of the service: 
    our service is subject to numerous statutory obligations (e.g. outplacement, career focus, employability). We have to have all information required to meet these duties or to be able to indicate in case of an inspection that we met our duties on time and for the full duration of these duties. 
  4. the legitimate interest of randstad risesmart or of a third party: 
    if necessary, we use your data to meet legitimate interests of randstad risesmart or of third parties. This can, for instance, happen for access control or internal control and audits to guarantee the safety and continuity of our systems and companies. This legitimate interest also applies if we have to file your data as part of initiating, exerting or substantiating possible legal actions.  

Which of your personal details do we process?

We process the personal details that are required for our service. Some of these details (e.g. identity, and contact details) are obligatory to be able to make use of our services. Additional data may be necessary or desirable in order to better align our service to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific requests of customers (e.g. VDAB, Actiris, Forem for employability or the National Employment Office for outplacement vouchers) or randstad risesmart customers (your previous, current or potential employer or the employment unit of your previous employer). If you choose to send us your data, we may use and share this data with third parties (also see point E) in the framework of carrying out the service you requested or accepted.
You are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the data you supply us with. It is advisable to pass on any changes in your personal details to us as soon as possible, either online via your profile in Spotlight (outplacement/career services), or to your consultant in your randstad risesmart office.
Customers can involve randstad risesmart via a service agreement for assistance in the search for work for previous employees, for determining and guiding the development potential or for evaluating and/or reinforcing the competencies of current and future employees. As part of this service agreement, the customer provides randstad risesmart with a list of people who are eligible for the service in question. 
If you are eligible for this, your name, recent job, private address, phone number, e-mail address, department or business unit and other relevant personal details may be included on this list. 
If you register with randstad risesmart as a participant, or if you are registered by third parties (e.g. your employer), you or this third party must share all relevant (documents with) personal details with us. 
Depending on the service you requested or accepted, this can concern, among others, the following personal details:
name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other contact details;


  • date of birth, age and gender;
  • passport photo and video (introduction) – on a voluntary basis;
  • curriculum vitae (CV), detailed information about current and previous jobs, current and previous employers, information about diplomas, language skills, job placement, work experience, etc.;
  • data, including results, about training courses and/or tests/assessments you have taken yourself or via randstad risesmart;
  • your objectives/action plan in the area of coaching, competency and/or career development; 
  • your current or previous wage and expectations of future wage, work to be carried out, sector, employer, working hours, etc.;
  • your professional social media profile and other relevant profiles of your network;
  • other data that is or may be of interest as part of the assessment of your suitability, such as    references and certificates;
  • evaluations of your knowledge, skills, attitude, etc.;
  • information about the status, progress and milestones in your search for a job;
  • results of assessments and competence or career services;
  • report of your consultant, coach, etc. as a result of interviews, talks, coaching sessions, etc.;
  • compulsory reports for our customers (e.g. VDAB, Actiris, Forem for employability or the National Employment Office for outplacement vouchers, your previous, current or potential employer or the employment unit of your previous employer);
  • information about customer satisfaction or other feedback about our service. 
  • username, Spotlight profile password

We do not register any particular personal details, except for when this is necessary to meet certain legal obligations and insofar as permission has been given for this, or if this is otherwise allowed under or pursuant to the law. ‘Particular personal details’ in this context means race, religion, political persuasion, health, sexual life, trade union membership, criminal convictions and/or personal details about unlawful or disruptive behaviour.

The personal details we compile about you are stored in a secured database.  If we use randstad risesmart Technology (Spotlight - outplacement/career services), all your personal details and other information of or about you will be compiled in a separate database and your data may be filed on servers hosted in the United States or in other countries. The randstad risesmart consultants and coaches and those responsible for   randstad risesmart Technology have access to your online profile on Spotlight. They can determine needs and action points here, and can, if you are looking for work, post job vacancies on your profile from any office or work location.

Who do we share your personal details with?

Only if necessary for the execution of the randstad risesmart service you have chosen or accepted, the realisation of objectives mentioned under point C, observing the statutory requirement (of randstad risesmart or of a third party) or the protection of a justified interest (of randstad risesmart or of a third party) can randstad risesmart transfer some of your personal details:

  1. to other partnerships of the Randstad group in Belgium randstad risesmart belongs to, such as, among others, Randstad Group Belgium nv, for among others:
    - range of supporting activities as part guidance towards finding work/professional development (workshops, job offer, etc.);
    - intragroup service (administrative tasks such as invoicing, IT services, etc.);
    - inspection and complaints management (legal services)
  2. to the holding company of Randstad, or other partnerships in the Randstad group for among others:
    - management information;
    - internal audits;
    - internal services; 
  3. to customers (e.g. VDAB, Actiris, Forem for employability or National Employment Office for outplacement voucher) or to randstad risesmart (your previous, current or potential employer or the employment unit of your previous employer and sector funds), for among others:
    - all compulsory or necessary reports as part of the agreed service and only if this is compulsory or has to be nominative;
    - results of competence and assessments services or career services that are also discussed with you;
    - invoicing the service;
     -audits or inspections at customers;
  4. to suppliers of randstad risesmart, for among others:
    - providing services or carrying out tasks and orders on behalf and at the expense of randstad risesmart (e.g. IT providers, cloud providers, research bureaus, entrance security access, submitting subsidy dossiers, etc.);
    - providing services to randstad risesmart as part of the services (e.g. accident insurance for outplacement);
  5. to our auditors, audit and certification agencies, for among others:
    - audit of our annual accounts;
    - obtaining and preserving certain certificates;
    - audit of subsidy dossiers (e.g. European Social Fund);
  6. to (the audit firm or research bureau of) Federgon (professional organisations of the HR service providers), for among others:
    - obtaining and preserving the Federgon quality label;
    - scientific research;
    - satisfaction surveys;
    - statistical purposes;
  7. to various public bodies, such as, among others:
    - federal and regional inspection services;
    - accreditation bodies;
  8. to all other third parties we are obliged to by law, court order or decree. 

randstad risesmart will not sell, lease or make your personal details available for commercial purposes to third parties, unless you have given prior consent.
As randstad risesmart develops its business, randstad risesmart might sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, your personal details and other information may be part of the transferred assets.
If our suppliers process your personal details for randstad risesmart, they act as processors as laid down in the GDPR. We conclude a processing agreement with these processors and do everything in our power to ensure that they sufficiently protect your personal details. 

Your personal details can in certain cases be passed on outside Belgium and the European Union. randstad risesmart takes the necessary contractual and technical security measures to ensure that all personal details passed on are adequately protected against loss or unlawful processing.
For instance, randstad risesmart can use randstad risesmart Technology to support the service and to register your personal details.  randstad risesmart Technology is provided by randstad risesmart Inc., our randstad risesmart entity in the US, and is supported by randstad risesmart HR Services Pvt. Ltd. in India.  Customers and other randstad risesmart entities and subcontractors can also be situated outside Belgium. randstad risesmart has taken the necessary measures to guarantee that the personal details passed on are adequately protected against loss or unlawful processing.  
For further questions about this, contact the Data Protection Officer (see further).

How long do we keep your personal details?

We guarantee that we do not keep your data for longer than necessary.  
Retention periods depend on the objectives for which we process your data, the service you enjoy and the applicable laws or regulatory stipulations and limitation periods.
We generally keep your data and your dossier for four years from the start of our service. This period enables respecting the return guarantee for outplacement without problems (depending on the duration of the programme offered) or facilitating a possible continuation of a previously taken programme (e.g. career focus, career services, employability).
For competence & assessment services the retention period is two years, equalling the maximum validity of the results/reports of such assessments. This is also done to be able to facilitate a possible later discussion.
After the active retention periods of four and two years for the consultants in our office, your data and your dossier will only be archived centrally and passively (including removal of data that is no longer essential) for the time required for statutory retention periods, dispute management and statistical, audit and control purposes.

Security measures?

Randstad risesmart does everything in its power to optimally protect your personal details against unlawful use. We do this on the basis of physical, administrative and technological measures.
For example: only authorised persons get access to our offices and our systems, and access is limited to the systems they require for professional purposes. These people must know our internal policy on privacy and data protection and be able to apply it correctly. If and insofar as data is provided to third parties, randstad risesmart agrees with these third parties that they will also optimally protect the personal details. 

What are your rights?

randstad risesmart processes your personal details in accordance with the stipulations of this privacy statement. As an involved party you have a number of rights you can exert at any time.

You can exert the following rights: 

Right to object 

You can object to the processing of your personal details. You can only do this against processing based on the justified interests of randstad risesmart or of a third party (see higher in point C). In the exertion of this right you will have to submit the form indicating which processing you oppose and for which specific reasons. This is necessary in order to be able to make a correct balance of interest.

Right of access

You can ask for a decisive answer about whether or not to process your personal details. 
If this is the case, you can request the following information: the reasons for processing, the categories of your personal details that we file, the categories of the recipients (third countries or international organisations), the filing periods or the criteria to determine these, your other rights, number of sources of origin of your data and the existence of automated decision-making. When providing this information we must always take account of the rights and freedoms of others.  

If you have an online profile in Spotlight (outplacement/career services), then you can automatically view a large part of the personal details registered about (and by) you.

Right to rectification (improvement and addition) 

You can request the rectification of all incorrect or incomplete (personal) details. In the exertion of this right you will have to indicate in the form which data you want to rectify or complete. 

If you have an online profile in Spotlight (outplacement/career services) then you can, without any intervention from Randstad, adapt and complete a large part of your personal details yourself.

Incorrect objective personal details (e.g. incorrect spelling of your name, wrong telephone number, etc.) are always rectified as requested. Subjective personal details you believe are incorrect (e.g. negative evaluation, unfavourable assessment results, etc.) are only adapted if we agree with you. If not, then we will not adapt these personal details, but will note your possible additional statements about this.

Right to data portability 

You have the right to transfer the personal details you have submitted to randstad risesmart yourself in electronic form to yourself (via the e-mail address you give on your application form) or to a person with processing responsibility you indicated (via his e-mail address you give on your application form).  

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) 

In the cases provided by the GDPR, we will proceed to the removal of your data at your request.

However, you cannot exercise this right as long as you still use the services of randstad risesmart.

Right to restriction of processing 

- You have the right to obtain restriction of processing of your personal details if:
- You contest the correctness of your personal details (for the duration of the checking by randstad risesmart).
- The processing of your personal details by randstad risesmart would be unlawful, but you don’t want to invoke your right to erase data.
- We no longer need your personal details for the purposes included in this privacy statement (point C), but you do need them for instituting, executing or substantiating a legal procedure.
- You made an objection against the processing of some of your personal details (for the duration of the balance of interest).

You can in principle exert your rights free of charge. You can do this by making use of the form we make available for this on our website 
You can download this form yourself or ask your consultant at a randstad risesmart office. 

On the form you can find further instructions for filling in and sending your request. 

You must always send along a copy of your identity card so we can be certain of the applicant’s identity. Without this copy your request will not be treated. 

We will inform you in writing about what we are doing with your request a month after receipt of your completely filled in and properly sent form at the latest. 
Depending on how difficult your request is or the number of requests we get from other people, this period may be extended by two months. In this case we will inform you about this extension within a month after receipt of your form.  

In some cases (e.g. legal obligations, rights of others, periods of limitation, etc.) you will not be able to or be able to fully exert your rights. You will then get a message about this with the reason why we cannot or can’t fully meet your request.


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Questions, remarks, complaints and data leaks

If you have any questions, remarks or complaints about the protection of your personal details by Randstad or about this privacy statement, contact the Randstad Data Protection Officer via

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (DPA) at the following address: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.
If you know about a data leak, or you assume a data leak, please immediately pass this on to us via


Randstad risesmart can for various reasons make improvements, additions or changes to this privacy statement. The most up-to-date version can always be viewed on the Randstad website. 
This version was drawn up in February 2019.

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